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Elm and Hurontario 
Mixed-Use, Multi-Unit Residential towers. Mississauga, Canada.

Four towers varied in height, gently shift and bend as they rise. The lower tower responds to the smaller scale building fabric to the south west, while the tallest marks the intersection of Hurontario and Elm. The formal manipulation maximizes sight lines, allowing for a dynamic reading and sense of openness. The unique form enhances the sense of place. The towers transform into podiums as they touch the ground, defining generously spaced urban parks.

Programme: Mixed-use, Multi-unit residential and urban design.
Location: Mississauga, Canada
Size: 139,000 sq.m
Client: Solmar
Status: Proposal
Credit, Design: Samer Hout. Team: Elizabeth Fenuta, Michelle Luk, Jamie Carreon, Tomo Arakawa

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