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Guggenheim Helsinki Museum,
Galleries and Civic Spaces. Helsinki, Finland

The essence of Guggenheim Helsinki is in its ability to connect with the people, the water, and the city. Located at a junction, where the urban fabric meets nature and wedges between water and park, the building presents itself as an inviting gesture connecting all parts. A dramatic void is hollowed out of a solid volume creates a unique enclosure encouraging movement and activity. This public space is a new room for the people of Helsinki and its visitors - the ‘City Room’. Visible from the water’s edge is a hybrid space combining an amphitheatre, exhibition and event space. It is both a place of encounter and contemplation. It’s a node where all the surrounding parts are tied into. The design balances a bold gesture with a modest profile. Its formalism is restraint, yet dramatic and inviting

Location: Helsinki, Finland.
Program Museum- Galleries for temporary and permanent exhibits. Multi-purpose halls. Classrooms. Cafe and restaurant.
Public spaces.
Size 18,500 m2.
Client: The Guggenheim Museums and Foundation.
Project Team:  Hout Architecture Inc. Samer Hout, Elizabeth Fenuta, Yi Zhang, Yulian Semenova, Natalia Semenova, Brian Oliveira, Jamie Carreon, Hector Carreon, Daniele Raimondo.  

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