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Jiangmen New City Centre Masterplan
Mixed Uses, Public Spaces and Parks, Jiangmen, China

This master plan is envisioned as part of a future commercial and residential hub adjacent to the city of Jiangmen's central business district.

We conceived two bands of urban intensification that converge and diverge as they follow the site's edges. Between the two bands, a lush green space with a large body of water capitalizes on the region's subtropical climate. The two bands respond to very different edge conditions, whereas the Northern band contains high-rise residential towers over a retail podium facing an avenue. The southern band is a free-flowing arrangement of urban courtyards formed by lower and smaller building blocks on a plinth, creating a continuous landscape strip.

A second proposal focused on intensifying and enlarging the retail component to create a shopping street that stretches the entire length of the site. We proposed to divide the area into two contrasting and mutually exclusive conditions: hard and soft. The southern half would be a lush green environment with restricted car access, underground parking, and towers. The northern section of the site comprises shopping blocks modulated to allow pedestrian traffic to infiltrate from the main arterial road to the central spine of this shopping strip. Retail blocks are then shifted, stacked, manipulated and variably sized to allow maximum flexibility and variety.

Location: Jiangmen, China.
Program: Mixed-Use, Masterplan.
Size: 640,000 m2.
Client: Mingtai Investment and Development Co., Ltd.                                                                           
Credits: Architect, mhkw, Samer Hout, Lead Designer.

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