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Orchid Garden Masterplan
Residential,Commercial, Public Spaces.  Anshan, China
The proposal is based on two development patterns - urban blocks and terraced landscape - mediated by a continuous green belt. These patterns take advantage of the site’s principal landforms. The proposal has an aggregate density of over 1.8 million square meters (gross floor area ratio 2.5), including a wide variety of building types. In addition to addressing the natural landscape, we have studied how the development can be tailored to different densities using the same pattern of buildings and open spaces. Our proposal maximizes the unique opportunities of the site by achieving high-density development, while still preserving natural topographical features.



Type: Master Plan
Location: Anshan, China
Size: 1.8 million sq.m
Client: Anshan Yihe Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Status: Competition, 1st Place
Credit: Architect, mhkw, Samer Hout Lead Designer
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